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3 must-visit pizzerias in the city of West Monroe, Louisiana

Visiting West Monroe, Louisiana for a vacation? Are you in search of making the Best Luxury Hotels in West Monroe Plan your stay at Hampton Inn, one of the top Luxury Hotels in West Monroe, Louisiana

The guest rooms and suites at Hampton Inn, West Monroe, Louisiana are spacious. The rooms are well-crafted by trained professionals and has got fascinating interiors. The suite rooms are equipped with top-quality appliances to make the guests feel as comfortable as at home.

Hampton Inn, West Monroe, Louisiana is situated in the heart of the city and hence is surrounded by a good number of restaurants. If you are looking to grab some quick bites as you explore the city, check out these 3 restaurants that are most loved by the people.

1. Domino’s Pizza
The pizzas at this restaurant are absolutely delicious. They are served hot and quick to the guests. The crust is perfectly baked and the toppings are super-fresh. Step in for some yummy pizzas to satisfy your cheese cravings.

2. Pizza Hut
If you are a cheese lover, you would love the way the cheese from these pizzas melts in your mouth. The crust is hand tossed and the taste is authentic and incredible. The menu at this pizza outlet is quite extensive and will give you an absolute cheese treat.

3. Johnny’s Pizza House
This is one of the top-rated pizzerias in the city. The menu here is reasonable prices and the staffs are friendly. Enjoy their signature family pizza with your loved ones along with some fantastic appetizers, during your visit to Johnny’s Pizza House.

Find your home away from home at Hampton Inn, one of the premium luxury Hotels in West Monroe. Enjoy a royal treatment with premium amenities and countless complimentary facilitated by the staff and management of Hampton Inn, West Monroe, Louisiana. Plan your stay with us. For bookings and enquiries, visit: www.hamptonwestmonroe.com

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