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A Wild Ride To Louisiana Purchase Gardens And Zoo| Hampton Inn, West Monroe

You must visit Louisiana Purchase Gardens and Zoo if you’re a nature and animal enthusiast. This 80-acre zoological park houses more than 400 animals of over 200 species. The unique and interactive exhibit attracts thousands of people from the nearest areas and tourists to attend the incredible events. If you plan on staying at the closest hotels in West Monroe, LA, specifically Hampton Inn and Suites, you shouldn’t overlook visiting this beautiful area.    

Zoo Tourism – Worldwide Facts And Figures 

When we consider the market size of museums, historical sites, zoos, and parks worldwide, the current estimates come to around 60.6 billion US dollars (2022). Additionally, a 60 percent rise in this figure is expected in 2023, with figures reaching over 119 billion US dollars in 2027. 

These figures show how tourism in these respects will flourish over the years. Zoos established with a mission of conservation and development of a sustainable relationship with nature attract people from all over the world. That is how Louisiana Purchase Gardens and Zoo has been thriving and why you should get a hotel booking at Hampton Inn for an exploration ride to this place. 

Unravel Your Inner Explorer At Louisiana Purchase Gardens And Zoo 

Table Of Louisiana Purchase Gardens And Zoo Contents 

  • Intriguing Facts About The Zoo 

  • Zoo’s Historical Landscape And Mission 

  • Attractions And Events You’ll Love 

  • A Wild Ride With Numerous Animals  

  • Do’s And Don’ts To Know 


With this extensive guide about Louisiana Purchase Gardens And Zoo, we’ll let you unleash the enthusiast in you: 

  • Intriguing Facts About The Zoo 

Under the administration of the City of Monroe, Louisiana Purchase Gardens and Zoo houses animals from around the world. From Zebra, Bison, Elk, baboons, and gibbons to exotic birds and reptiles, you can enjoy exploring the exhibits of over 400 animals and 200 species. About 27 acres of ground is landscaped with exciting plants, a walkthrough greenhouse, and numerous kid-friendly activities.  


1405 Bernstein Park Road 

Monroe LA 71210 


Open routinely from 10 AM to 5 PM (exceptions- Christmas, New Year, and Thanksgiving 


  • Zoo’s Historical Landscape And Mission 

Here are some exciting historical facts about Louisiana Purchase Gardens and Zoo that you’ll love to know: 

  • The park’s original name was Bernstein Park Zoo. 

  • The 1919 Mayor of Monroe, aka Mayor Arnold Bernstein, inspired this park’s name until 1937, his death year. 

  • Louisiana Purchase Gardens and Zoo has fully complied with the United States Department of Agriculture for years.  

  • During the long-term administration of Mayor Jack Howard, the park saw unforeseen development. 

Additionally, the zoological park has made its mission to aid in sparking a sustainable relationship between people and nature. The effort in this direction includes hosting recreational and educational events while conserving wildlife and discovering biological knowledge. 

  • Attractions And Events You’ll Love 

There are multiple ways you can savor your time at Louisiana Purchase Gardens and Zoo. While your room reservation at Hampton Inn offers security and comfort, the zoological park is an entertaining spot in West Monroe. 

  • Shirley The Elephant And Solomon James: A Cute Tribute 

Shirley the elephant and his caretaker, Solomon James, shared an exceptional bond at this park. While the elephant retired to the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee, Soloman passed away in 2021. A life-size statue of Shirley the elephant commemorates their connection at the park. 

  • Zoo Oasis 

If you’re in the city in summer, visit the Zoo Oasis Splash Pad with your kids to cool off or enjoy the chilly waters. The Splash Pad doesn’t cost a penny over the zoo admission fees so you can ensure a fun day here. You can have loads of fun with your nearest room booking at Hampton Inn.   

  • Safari Boat Ride 

A boat excursion at this park allows visitors to observe animals not easily visible from the walking trails. It includes hoofed animals, primates, and species indigenous to the region. The Safari boat ride at this park is a must-have experience through the scenic lagoons and tree canopies. 

  • Train Ride 

When you get into the park’s train, you’ll experience upfront encounters with several animals, including zebras, camels, ostriches, emus, etc. The train runs gracefully through open grasslands and majestic and mature cypress trees for over a mile. 

  • Gift Shop 

On The Wild Side, a gift shop at the zoo offers tokens, educational toys, and lots more to remember from this fun trip. It also eases and adds to your trip’s enjoyment by providing wagons and push cars for rent. Drinks, candies, and chips are available to cater to your sweet tooth, and you can chase the zoo’s shirts for your memorabilia. 

  • Birthday Parties 

The newly remodeled building at the park allows you to host birthday parties for your kids. Get set, and go for the wildest birthday party for your children. 

  • A Wild Ride With Numerous Animals 

Interactive exhibits and fun experiences with this long list of animals add to the pleasant memories you make at this park: 

a. African Lion 

b. Blue And Gold Macaw 

c. Coyote 

d. Dromedary Camel 

e. Egyptian Goose 

f. Flamingo 

g. Green Iguana 

h. Hoolock Gibbon 

i. Mississippi Kite 

j. Nilgai 

k. Olive Baboon 

l. Patas Monkey 

m. Radiated Tortoise 

n. Serval 

o. Two-toed Sloth 

p. Vietnamese Potbelly Pig 

q. Wild Turkey 

This isn’t an exhaustive list by any means, but it clarifies the numerous species available at this facility. 

  • Do’s And Don’ts To Know 

Like every other place, the zoo lays down some rules for you to follow and have a fun time without hassle: 



  • Have great fun 

  • Practice kindness around animals 

  • Stay on the sidewalk and the appointed areas. 

  • Obey the safety rules on the boat, Splash Pad, and train. 

  • Speak sweetly and politely. 

  • Relish the picturesque and relaxing setting 

  • Don’t feed the animals at any cost 

  • Don’t bring pets to the zoo 

  • You shouldn’t have drinks and beverages in the zoo. 

  • Don’t bring balloons, straws, and other hazardous things for animals. 

  • Alcoholic drinks and illegal weapons are not allowed on the premises. 

  • Don’t litter, throw objects, or chase animals and birds.  


Enjoy A Gala Time With Hampton Inn 

Louisiana Purchase Gardens and Zoo has a lot of things to offer for fun, frolic, and an overall exciting day. However, every entertaining day needs to begin with a serene morning and a cozy night’s sleep. All this is possible when you book the best hotels in West Monroe, LA, aka Hampton Inn and Suites. Our luxurious property at 601 Mane Street, West Monroe, Louisiana 71292, USA, has everything you need for a perfectly peaceful retreat. If you wish to stay linked to us, you should connect with us through our number +1 318-938-2800 or our socials at Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter


1. Are Meeting Rooms And Event Spaces Available At Hampton Inn, West Monroe? 

Yes, we offer meeting rooms for corporate guests and a spacious and luxurious event space. Interested parties can contact us on our number or socials to get more insights into our offerings. 

2. What Are The Parking Facilities Available At Hampton Inn, West Monroe, LA? 

We offer complimentary parking services for our guests to park their vehicles freely.  

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