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Entertainment Centers And Parks In West Monroe

West Monroe, Louisiana, a vibrant hub in Ouachita Parish, offers a plethora of entertainment and recreational activities that cater to a wide range of interests and age groups. This city, known for its dynamic atmosphere, presents various attractions, from cutting-edge sports facilities to family-oriented entertainment centers, ensuring an engaging experience for residents and visitors alike. These centers are situated near the Best Hotels in West Monroe, LA, hence they are easily accessible.

Some Interesting Facts 

Among these, the West Monroe Sports & Events complex stands out. Opening in December 2023, this 112,000-square-foot state-of-the-art sports facility is not just an architectural marvel but also a significant economic drive for the region. It is projected to attract an impressive 190,000 visitors annually to Ouachita Parish, marking it as a cornerstone in the area's entertainment and sporting landscape. 

Let's explore some other notable venues that contribute to West Monroe's reputation as an entertainment hotspot.  

Places To Visit In West Monroe For Entertainment 

Best Hotels in West Monroe, LA,

No matter who you are visiting West Monroe with, here are some places you can explore for a fun time. 

1. West Monroe Sports & Events 

Opening in December 2023, the West Monroe Sports & Events complex is a state-of-the-art 112,000-square-foot facility. It will feature eight indoor basketball courts, which can also be converted to 16 volleyball or pickleball courts. This versatility makes it an ideal location for various sports events and activities. You can reach here easily from your room booking location.  

2. Surge Entertainment Center 

Co-owned by former NFL quarterback Drew Brees, Surge Entertainment Center offers an array of family-friendly activities. This center includes bowling alleys, golf simulators, karaoke rooms, arcade games, and extreme activities. It's a perfect destination for families seeking an entertaining and diverse experience.  

3. Excalibur Family Fun Center 

Located slightly off the main path, Excalibur Family Fun Center is a popular spot among locals. It provides a wide range of activities, including ticket games, wall climbing, batting cages, mini-golf, two go-kart tracks, video games, a jungle gym, and laser tag. The center also offers party rooms and serves various refreshments, making it a great choice for celebrations and casual visits. 

4. Spartan Adventure Park 

Spartan Adventure Park is known for its thrilling virtual reality rides, virtual golf, extensive trampolines, a ninja course, and zip lines. This park caters to both families and corporate groups, offering virtual reality golf rooms and a range of adventure activities. It's an ideal place for those seeking an adrenaline rush. 

5. Kiroli Park 

Kiroli Park is a beautiful green space in West Monroe, offering various recreational facilities. The park features walking trails, playgrounds, a fishing pond, and tennis courts. It's a serene spot for those who enjoy outdoor activities and nature. The park often hosts community events and is a favored location for picnics and family outings. 

6. Restoration Park 

Restoration Park in West Monroe is a reclaimed wetland that provides a tranquil setting for walking and bird watching. The park features a 1.2-mile boardwalk looping through the wetlands, allowing visitors to experience the natural beauty of the area. It's a great place for those looking to escape their room reservation and immerse themselves in nature. 

7. Landry Vineyards 

While not a traditional amusement park, Landry Vineyards offers a different kind of entertainment. This family-owned winery hosts regular events, including live music and wine tastings. It's a scenic spot that provides a relaxing and sophisticated experience for adults. 

8. Louisiana Purchase Gardens And Zoo 

Located nearby in Monroe, the Louisiana Purchase Gardens and Zoo is another excellent attraction for families. It features a variety of animals and botanical gardens, providing educational and fun experiences for visitors of all ages. The zoo also offers boat rides and a splash pad, adding to its appeal as a family-friendly destination. 

9. Biedenharn Museum & Gardens 

Also in the vicinity of West Monroe, the Biedenharn Museum & Gardens is a cultural gem. The museum showcases the history of the Coca-Cola bottling business and features a beautiful garden. It's a great spot for history enthusiasts and those who enjoy serene garden walks.  

10. Chennault Aviation And Military Museum 

For those interested in history, especially military and aviation history, the Chennault Aviation and Military Museum in nearby Monroe is a must-visit. The museum offers insightful exhibits on World War II, the Cold War, and the contributions of General Claire Chennault and the Flying Tigers. 

11. Black Bayou Lake National Wildlife Refuge 

A short drive from West Monroe, the Black Bayou Lake National Wildlife Refuge is an excellent spot for nature lovers. The refuge offers hiking trails, a scenic lake, and opportunities to see wildlife. It's an ideal place for birdwatching, photography, and enjoying the peacefulness of nature. 

Why Stay At Hampton Inn After Exploring West Monroe 

Staying at the Hampton Inn Southaven is an excellent choice for those visiting West Monroe's amusement parks and sports facilities. Here's a more detailed look at what makes hotel booking here the right choice: 

1. Accessibility 

Located just 3 miles from San Francisco International Airport, the Hampton Inn Southaven is incredibly accessible, especially for those traveling by air. Its proximity to major business hubs and top attractions in San Francisco makes it a strategic base for exploring the city. 

2. Luxurious Accommodations 

The hotel boasts well-appointed suites that blend elegance with comfort. After a day of adventure, these suites provide a serene retreat to unwind and rejuvenate. 

3. Exceptional Amenities 

Amenities that cater to every need: 

  • Complimentary Wi-Fi: Stay connected with ease, whether it's for leisure browsing or catching up on work. 

  • Delicious Breakfast: Start your day right with a complimentary breakfast, offering a range of options to suit all tastes. 

  • Convenient Parking: Hassle-free parking adds to the comfort, especially for guests who prefer to travel by car. 

4. Accessibility and Compliance 

The hotel ensures that all guests, including those with accessibility needs, experience comfort and convenience. It adheres to compliance standards, making it a welcoming space for everyone. 

5. Unparalleled Service 

The Hampton Inn Southaven is known for its unparalleled service. The staff goes above and beyond to ensure every guest's stay is memorable and comfortable. 


Summing Up 

After a day full of excitement and fun at West Monroe's various entertainment centers, returning to the Hampton Inn Southaven means stepping into an environment of luxury and relaxation. Whether you're a business traveler or a leisure seeker, the Hampton Inn Southaven offers an enjoyable stay. Reserve your room today at one of the best hotels in West Monroe, MS.  

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