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Foodie Hotspots In West Monroe, Louisiana

If you're planning a trip to West Monroe, prepare to indulge in a tapestry of flavors unique to the region. Here’s a curated guide to the top 10 eateries where culinary enthusiasts can rejoice in the local taste that these twin cities offer. We will help you find one of the best hotel reservations in West Monroe after your culinary tour.  

Top Must-Try Restaurants In West Monroe  

Best Hotel Rooms in West Monroe

Below are some of the top food spots in West Monroe, LA that you must try to excite your taste buds.  

1. Belle’s Ole South Diner 

Belle's Ole South Diner is a treasure trove of Southern charm, where the menu is loaded with generous portions of home-style meals. It's where you can relish the rich, comforting flavors of Southern classics like fried chicken, collard greens, and cornbread. The ambiance exudes a down-home vibe, complete with the warmest welcomes and service that makes you feel part of the family. You can visit this restaurant after you have made a room booking in the city.  

2. Big Momma’s Fine Foods 

Big Momma's Fine Foods takes pride in its roots, serving plates piled high with comfort food. From smothered pork chops to must-try mac and cheese, it's a paradise for anyone with a penchant for hearty Southern cooking. The informal setting is perfect for relaxed dining, and the peach cobbler is a slice of heaven that perfectly encapsulates the sweetness of the South. 

3. Cotton 

Cotton is a favorite for both its food and its locale in the heart of historic Monroe. It captures the spirit of the area with its rustic chic decor and innovative Southern menu. The shrimp and grits dish is a harmonious blend of local flavors and culinary craftsmanship. Additionally, Cotton’s cocktail list is worth exploring, featuring handcrafted drinks that complement any meal or mood. 

4. Enoch’s Irish Pub 

Blending the casual pub vibe with a dose of Southern hospitality, Enoch's Irish Pub is a lively spot where the community gathers for food, drinks, and music. With a menu that includes Irish favorites such as fish and chips alongside Louisiana staples like po'boys, Enoch’s provides a festive cross-cultural dining experience. If you have a room reservation nearby, this is the right hub for your to grab some fresh drinks while on a walk.  

5. JAC’s Craft Smokehouse 

JAC's Craft Smokehouse is a haven for barbecue enthusiasts, offering a smoky aroma that greets you at the door. Their barbecue meats are seasoned with a proprietary blend of spices and smoked to perfection. The brisket and jalapeno sausage are standouts, evidencing the pitmasters’ dedication to their craft. 

6. Parish Restaurant 

At Parish, Chef Cory Bahr's expertise is evident in every dish. The menu showcases fresh, local ingredients turned into refined dishes with a Southern spin. The ambience reflects a modern twist on rustic decor, making it a stylish venue for dining out. The Deviled Eggs here are not just an appetizer but a conversation starter, offering a glimpse into Chef Bahr's culinary philosophy. 

7. The Fat Pelican 

The Fat Pelican offers a bounty from the sea, serving a range of seafood that highlights the freshness and flavors of the Gulf. This place is casual yet buzzing with energy, where the seafood po'boys pack a flavorful punch with every bite, and the BBQ Shrimp speaks to the soul of Louisiana cuisine. 

8. Alex's Latin Restaurant & Cafeteria 

Alex's Latin Restaurant brings a zest of Latin American cuisine to the heart of Louisiana. It's a place where the robust flavors of Latin America are on full display, with a menu that ranges from savory meats to sweet treats. The coffee here is robust and authentic, providing a warm pick-me-up at any time of day. 

9. Trapp’s 

Dine with an unrivaled view at Trapp’s, where the setting along the Ouachita River is as much a draw as the food. The Seafood Nachos are a clever local twist on a Mexican classic, making it a dish that's as picturesque as the location. The atmosphere here is serene yet spirited, capturing the essence of riverside dining. Many guests who have a hotel booking nearby love to visit this restaurant.  

10. Warehouse No. 1 Restaurant 

Warehouse No. 1 Restaurant offers more than just a meal; it's a dining escapade set against the backdrop of the Ouachita River. Known for its innovative Southern cooking, the Jalapeno Cheese Grits and Corn & Crab Bisque exemplify the kitchen’s ability to elevate traditional recipes into gourmet experiences. The historic venue, combined with the restaurant's contemporary culinary approach, creates an unforgettable dining atmosphere.  

Head Back To Hampton Inn For These Reasons  

After a day indulging in the flavors of West Monroe, Louisiana, the Hampton Inn stands out as an oasis of relaxation and convenience. Here's why it's the perfect lodging choice: 

1. Central Location 

Hampton Inn’s central location in West Monroe is a major benefit for travelers. The hotel's proximity to the culinary hotspots mentioned means you can enjoy a hearty meal at Warehouse No. 1 Restaurant and then return to a comfortable bed within minutes. Its closeness to local attractions also allows for easy exploration without spending too much time in transit. 

2. Unmatched Hospitality 

The service at Hampton Inn is second to none, with staff going above and beyond to ensure guests have a pleasant stay. If you’re ever confused about dining options or need recommendations after exploring the food scene, the professional staff are quick to assist with genuine Southern hospitality. 

3. Luxury Accommodations 

The rooms at Hampton Inn are a cut above, with cleanliness and space being a priority, providing a refreshing retreat after a day of eating and exploration. With plush bedding and quiet rooms, guests can expect a restorative sleep experience. 

4. Business And Pleasure 

The Hampton Inn caters to business and leisure travelers alike. The business amenities, including meeting rooms and a business center, mean that professionals can work and relax without compromise. Wi-Fi and comfortable workspaces in guest rooms ensure productivity is always an option. 

5. Home Comforts And More 

Whether it's starting the day with a complimentary hot breakfast or winding down by the outdoor pool, guests have access to an array of amenities designed to emulate the comforts of home. The hotel’s policy of providing additional amenities like pet-friendly rooms and fitness center access means that every guest's need is met with a touch of luxury. 

6. Event Hosting Capabilities 

For those looking to host events, the elegant spaces available at Hampton Inn are perfect for both professional and private gatherings, offering versatile event space with all the necessary support for a successful occasion. 

7. Convenient Policies 

Understanding that plans can change, Hampton Inn offers flexible cancellation policies and straightforward service for check-in and check-out, accommodating the varying needs of guests with ease. 

8. Commitment To Health And Safety 

In these times, the hotel’s commitment to safety and cleanliness is paramount. With regular housekeeping, customized service upon request, and adherence to local COVID-19 guidelines, staying at the Hampton Inn is a stress-free experience. 

Summing Up 

The hotel’s location at 601 Mane Street puts you at the pulse of West Monroe, guaranteeing that whether your travel is for the tastebuds or business, the comfort of your stay will be unmatched. When planning your culinary journey through West Monroe, Louisiana, consider the Hampton Inn as your base for both a memorable and sumptuous adventure. Contact us  to make a booking.  

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Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Can I Check-In At Hampton Inn With My Pet? 

Yes, you can check with our staff for specified rules and restrictions.  

2. Are There Smoke-Free Spaces In The Hotel? 

Yes. Our hotel has no-smoke policy and anybody violating it may be charged a fine.  

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