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Louisiana Purchase Garden and Zoo attractions you must not miss

There are many attractions in Monroe that can enhance your vacation with a sense of awe and charm. It is advisable to book one of the top-ranked Monroe luxury hotels which are located near the most popular attractions in order to enhance your vacation experience. The Louisiana Purchase Gardens and Zoo will be the topic of this week’s discussion.

What can you find at the Louisiana Purchase Gardens and Zoo?

Take a look!

Providing a naturalistic habitat for the animals allows the animals to feel secure and comfortable. If you do not see your favorite animal, be patient and watch for it to emerge. It may be best to return at a later date.

Have fun!

You will discover some wonders of the world! There are over 500 species of animals in the Zoo, as well as approximately 1,000 types of plants.

Animals should never be fed.

Zoo animals are typically fed specialized diets, and you need not feed the animals unless you have been instructed by the zookeepers to do so. During the lagoon viewing season, the Zoo provides nutritional food dispensers for the fish, ducks, swans, and turtles at the lagoon viewing platform. After the dispensers are emptied, the animals eat the food.

Watch this space!

Captive animals still possess some wild characteristics. Take care to maintain your vigilance. Make sure your children remain on the walking paths, do not cross barriers or fences, and do not let them touch the animals.

Do you range in age between 14 and 20 years old? Would you like to learn more about the Zoo’s programs? Become an Explorer! Education Curator Kim Walker can provide more details about this program. For more details – https://hamptonwestmonroe.com

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