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Take a look at the highlights of the Massur Museum of Art

A visit to the Massur Museum of Art is a must if you’re planning to travel to Monroe, Louisiana. In Monroe, Louisiana, an excellent hotel offers top quality accommodations so that you can experience the best that Monroe has to offer. We will explore the Massur Museum of Art in detail in this blog.

What can you explore at the Massur Museum of Art?

Massur Museum of Art is located in what was once the Massur family home, and hosts the largest visual arts collection in northeast Louisiana. In addition to exhibitions, public programs, and the management of their collections, the Museum strives to enrich the visual arts experience of their community. The Massur Museum of Art offers classes for both children and adults that include bookmark making, stained glass, painting, and drawing, as well as workshops, summer camps, and academic lectures. The museum offers free admission.

The collection of the Massur Museum of Art

The Massur Museum of Art has a collection of approximately 500 works, including works by regional artists, internationally renowned artists, and recently, complete series of works commissioned from individual artists. Their understanding of the meaning of these groups as a whole can be enhanced by placing them within the context of American art and history.

Collection of the Massur Museum of Art includes works by Joshua Chambers, Raphael Soyer, Betty Waldo Parish, Alexander Drysdale, Douglas Weathersby, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Clyde Connell, George Rodrigue, Fairfield Porter, Samuel Corso, Georges Rouault, Inukai Kyohie, Richard Buswell, Ed Pinkston, Mary Cassatt, Marc Chagall, Bob Ward, Ron Adams, Thomas Hart Benton, Robin Bernat, Rick Brunner, Salvador Dali, Joan Miro, Shayne Dark, Vitus Shell, Bruce Davidson, Eugene Martin, Auguste Rodin, Jim Isermann, Bill Viola, Kathy Amman, John James Audubon, Leonard Baskin, Dean Dablow, Julian Stanczak, Lynda Benglis, Robert Motherwell, Greely Myatt, Cliff Tresner, Ann Shields, Jenny Ellerbe, Michael Elliott-Smith, Frank Hamrick, Albino Hinojosa, Peter Jones, Ida Kohlmeyer, Alberto Rey, and others.

The Museum of Art in Massur hosts workshops

Museum of Art for Adults

There are many arts education workshops offered by the Massur Museum of Art every year. Workshops are offered by local colleges and universities as well as guest lecturers. There will be plenty of opportunities for participants to receive personal instruction during each workshop with a maximum of ten. The university also offers workshops on a variety of topics, such as printmaking, Bob Ward, Ron Adams, Thomas Hart Benton, Robin Bernat, Rick Brunner, multi-media, collage, quilling, and painting.

Children’s Museum of Art

A variety of arts education workshops are offered to children of all ages at the Massur Museum of Art. Educators from the area will be leading the workshops for children, in addition to a curator from the Massur Museum of Art who specializes in education and public programming! Participants receive plenty of one-on-one instruction in most workshops since classes have a maximum of ten participants. There are several adult and children workshops in the program, including summer art camps and Drop-In Activities! Please visit https://hamptonwestmonroe.com/ for more information’s

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