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The top criteria travelers use to select a hotel

The decision to book a hotel is based on a number of factors. An analysis of traveler decisions is contained in the report "Where They Go. Why They Stay." by Sullivan and 20|20 Research. When it comes to choosing a hotel, the following factors should be considered:

A property's location (proximity) determines the ease with which it can be accessed by popular tourist attractions and landmarks. By listing accessible lodging on your brand's website and on third-party channels, you will make it easier for them to decide where to stay.

Experience in the local community (neighborhood). For obvious reasons, consumers are interested in the neighborhood where your hotel is located. In order to stand out from the competition, you should highlight what makes your neighborhood special.

Excellent value for the money. A traveler is no different from any other consumer when it comes to seeking the best value for their money. In order to compete with other hotels, your hotel needs to have a strong pricing strategy.

Accommodation type. Choosing the right accommodation type is not easy, but it can have a significant impact on the traveler’s decision.

Here are the top amenities at Hampton Inn that will meet the tourist's expectation and will be first choice in the city of West Monroe, Louisiana.

Hampton Inn one of the most loved hotels in the city of West Monroe, Louisiana and it provides a great ambience for a perfect family vacation. The rooms are spacious and well-lit, fitted with premium furniture that will help you have a super-comfortable and memorable stay. And the guestrooms and suites at Hampton Inn, West Monroe, Louisiana are equipped with top-quality appliances to give you the comfort of your home.

This serves as a great backdrop to have a wholesome family vacation. The rooms and suites at Hampton Inn, West Monroe, Louisiana are equipped with top-quality luxury bedding, and plush pillows to ensure that the guests have a peaceful and relaxing good night’s sleep during your vacation. Gear up for the next day and rest well before exploring the city of West Monroe.

Hampton Inn West Monroe, Louisiana is situated in a prime location and hence gives its guests easy access to the top tourist spots in the city. And get an easy commute to the airport (Monroe Regional Airport) situated at just 2.7 miles from your suite at Hampton Inn.

Hampton Inn provides its guests with a fully equipped in-house business center. It helps the guest to execution of their job responsibilities with ease during your vacations.
Still thinking? Plan your stay at Hampton Inn, West Monroe, Louisiana and find your home away from home. Our guests are pleased and happy with our services and hospitality, and they always come back for more. For reservations and enquiries, visit our website:

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