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Walkthrough Thriller! Chiller! Haunted House

Visit this attraction if you dare! Come see for yourself what’s in those walls. If you’re looking for a truly terrifying experience, this Haunted House will chill you to the bone!

So many horrifying attractions here at Evil Visions in West Monroe, that you will be begging for mercy before the night is through. But beware…your cries will go unnoticed. Your only chance for survival is to run; do whatever it takes to escape these traps.

The Trailer of Darkness

Evil Visions is an intense, one-of-a-kind Halloween attraction in West Monroe. If you dare to enter, they will promise to deliver the most terrifying experience of your life you’ll ever encounter. Evil Visions has been terrifying fans for many years, but this is not your average haunted house. It is a fully immersive haunted attraction that scares our guests with both actors and special effects that take spookiness to a new level. Come check out for yourself !!

Points to Remember Before You Enter:

  • You may exit at any time, but you come out when the time ends
  • Haunted house where you will experience strange occurrences.
  • Unspeakable atrocities occur within these walls.
  • All new twisted paths and unimaginable terrors!
  • You will likely see someone you know inside (from another world).
  • You must be able to walk unassisted.

Haunted Ride

With such secrets right around the corner, we’ve gathered some of the spookiest, most terrifying things West Monroe has to serve— and now you can enjoy them and sample a wide variety of extreme hair-raising haunted house attractions!

Now you’re here and ready to test your inner fortitude… will you be able to stomach the various scenarios they have in store for you? They’ll be watching as you make your way through the Asylum, your decisions will determine how quickly you make it out… alive.

Make sure you understand what you are getting into before entering Evil Visions Haunted Attraction.

Befriend with a Secure Suite

Come here, Do a quick check in, Get ready on your feet and travel along the best of destinations. If you are left off with less luggage to wear and baffle then visit the pecanland mall that is just 15 minutes away from the driving point. Revive mood by heading onto the Jimmie Davis State Park just 30 miles away from the Hampton entrance.  Our complimentary breakfast features warm and cold favorites including the delight of snacks, beverages, drinks!! If you’d like to work out, head to our fitness center or take a dip in our pool, step ahead. The Queen and King non-smoking rooms include complimentary WiFi and a HDTV, innovative coffee maker, world class shower processing in an instant. Come see us! For more visit https://hamptonwestmonroe.com/

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